Image: Mynewsdesk

Rural energy company Husk Power Systems has set seven ambitious targets to improve energy access and foster development in emerging markets across sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia.

The announcement was made during the SDG7 Pavilion at COP26 by Manoj Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO of Husk Power Systems. According to a press statement by the company, the seven targets include installing 5,000 renewable mini grids in rural communities, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia; connecting one million customers to Husk’s power systems; linking 500,000 businesses to power through Husk Power’s various energy services; impacting at least million people through the company’s services; providing customers with five million financially accessible energy efficient appliances to increase productivity and help small-scale enterprises; building 550MW stand-alone roof top solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers to replace diesel-powered generators and other high-polluting energy sources; and lastly, reducing 7 million tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of 687 million gallons of diesel.

Commenting on the targets, Sinha stated “as rural electrification in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia rises to the forefront of international development and climate equity, it is critical that the private sector meet the opportunity by having ready a robust pipeline of bankable, shovel-ready projects, and the ability to execute at scale.”