Italy is currently holding negotiations with Libya and Algeria for the mobilization and development of renewable energy resources. The European country is looking to diversify its energy mix, adopting clean energy sources from renewable-rich countries in northern Africa.

According to H.E. Luigi Di Maio, Foreign Minister of Italy: “We are working to diversify energy sources, and we are negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding with Algeria and Libya on the development of renewable energy sources, and with Tunisia on green hydrogen.”

With Italy relying on Russian gas for approximately 45% of its energy supply, diversification will be critical if the country is to ensure energy security both during and beyond the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The ongoing conflict has emphasized both the need for diversified energy supply chains, owing to an overreliance on Russian oil and gas reserves, as well as diversified energy sources. By utilizing both Libyan and Algerian renewable resources, Italy will improve clean energy developments in Africa and advance the clean energy transition, while strengthening supply chains from alternative sources to meet its own domestic demand.