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Manar Sall, Director General of PETROSEN Trading & Services – has been confirmed as a speaker at MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2021, organized by Energy Capital & Power, which is taking place in Dakar on 12-13 December, 2021.

The Senegalese National Oil Company, PETROSEN, was created in May 1981 to serve as the crucial player implementing the State of Senegal’s petroleum policy. Following large-scale oil & gas discoveries in Senegal from 2014 onwards, in 2019 PETROSEN created the subsidiary PETROSEN Trading & Services as part of an overall restructuring of the company. PETROSEN Trading & Services is today specifically devoted to activities in the downstream sector.

Manar Sall has a long-track record in the oil & gas industry in various companies prior to his current role at PETROSEN Trading & Services including as Head of Business Support at OilLybia Services JLT, Director General of Elton International and as Chief Operating Officer at Prime Value Catalyst among others. He has an MBA from HEC in Paris, one of the premier business schools in Europe.

“Manar Sall will undoubtedly be a valuable participant at the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2021 Conference and Exhibition. We are honored to host him and hear his viewpoints about the important role of PETROSEN Trading & Services and their role in the downstream sector as the country prepares for a new future as an oil and gas producing country,”, Sandra Jeque, ECP International Conference Director, MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2021 Conference and Exhibition says.

In response to growing demand for renewable power, and increasing interest by international stakeholders to invest, develop, and succeed in Africa, Energy Capital & Power will hold the MSGBC Oil, Gas, & Power 2021 conference and exhibition during December 2021. Focused on enhancing regional partnerships, spurring investment and development in the oil, gas and power sectors, the conference will unite regional international stakeholders with African opportunities, serving as a growth-oriented platform for Africa’s energy sector.