Commercial and Industrial solar power provider, Starsight Energy, has completed an 876-kWp solar installation for the Nile University of Nigeria campus in Abuja. This project will deliver reliable clean energy to power the University’s buildings for more than two decades, ensuring the University has the infrastructure needed to continue to serve Nigeria’s higher-education students.

Starsight’s solution comprises two solar installations that allow for flexible switching from grid power for maximum efficiency. These systems have a combined capacity of 876 kWp and are projected to prevent over 14,888 tons of CO2 emissions over the project’s lifetime. Furthermore, the solar installations will be one of the first in Nigeria to generate carbon credits through Starlight’s recent carbon credit certification.

Tony Carr, Starsight Energy CEO, commented, “We are thrilled to have completed this system for the University. Starsight is committed to supporting higher education in Nigeria by ensuring that schools and universities have uninterrupted power so that academic staff can focus on instruction and not worry about the lights staying on. We look forward to working with Nile University of Nigeria throughout the project’s lifetime, and we are already experiencing an increase in interest in similar services since the recent increase in grid tariffs.”

Lateef Kareem, CFO of Nile University of Nigeria, added, “infrastructure remains a critical element for economic development in Nigeria and the education sector is not isolated in this regard. As part of our investments to increase capacity in response to the growing market demand, our university needed a tailored solution that ensured consistent power supply while also optimizing our energy costs. Starsight was the right choice for us, and their team designed, tested, and delivered our solar solution in great time. Further, the CO2 avoidance enabled by these systems will go far to advance the University’s sustainability goals.”