Image: NS Energy

Renewable power generation company, Lekela, has announced that the first 20 turbines at Egypt’s West Bakr wind farm have been synchronized and will supply the country’s national grid with power. Set for completion by the end of 2021, the facility will have a capacity of 250 MW.

The construction of the wind farm, which began in September 2019, comes as part of the Egyptian Government’s Build, Own Operate (BOO) initiative, through which the north-African country aims to generate 20% of its power from renewable sources by 2022. Producing the country’s first clean energy, the West Bakr wind farm will increase Egypt’s wind power capacity by 18%.

“With the first turbines at West Bakr wind farm reaching synchronization, we are one step closer to providing Egypt with clean, renewable power,” said Faisal Eissa, General Manager for Lekela in Egypt.

It is estimated that the facility will have the capacity to produce 1,000 GWh per year, with output from the wind farm to be supplied to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company grid under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement, powering 350,000 Egyptian homes and mitigating CO2 emissions of over 550,000 tons equivalent per year.

What’s more, Lekela has emphasized its commitment to the protection of the Gulf of Suez’s biodiversity and towards local development. By creating jobs and providing socio-economic initiatives, such as its Women Empowerment Program – a development program established to increase female participation in Egypt’s energy sector – the company is focused on economic growth.

“While the 250 MW wind farm will provide a much-needed uplift to Egypt’s wind capacity, providing that power is just one part of our work,” Eissa stated, adding, “We are committed to protecting the Gulf of Suez’s biodiversity through our migratory bird programme and supporting the nearby community of Ras Ghareb, now and in the future.”